WWTC Rescue Rope Craft 23m/9mm (End of Line)

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Craft 23m/9mm 

Construction: 9.3mm 23m (cca 3/8inch 75feet) floating rope

core: Polypropylene

Cover: Polypropylene/Polyester

Tensile Strength: cca. 21 kN/ 4600lb (2100kg)

Knotted Tensile Strength: cca. 11.5 kN/2500lb (1150kg)

Weight: 1230g / 1530g incl. waist carry system

For those who like thicker ropes, but do not want it too long.

Designed for Rafters and Crafters

- The biggest, longest and toughest of the WWTC Rescue Rope range. Mainly for equipment rescue. You can place your rope with the belt carry system around the thwart in the raft or even put it on your waist in case you want. Though a bit heavy to run and swim with regularly.

Recommended for all raft guides and rescue teams.

Just for horizontal use! No Vertical Rescue!