Rescue 3 Safe Working At Height And Co-Worker Rescue Field Guide

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Developed by Rescue 3 Europe and printed in a handy pocket size on high quality, water-resistant and tear-resistant paper - perfect for outdoor use, and printed at a handy A6 pocket size.


When working at height cannot be avoided, regulations require that safe systems of work are used. Where safe working at height practices are used, there is a long-term downward trend in reduction of injuries to workers. However, this success should not be cause for complacency; falls from height continue to be a leading cause of workplace deaths. Everyone who works at height should be appropriately trained, supervised, and use the correct work equipment.

This field guide is intended as a quick field reference for safe working at height and co-worker rescue at height, for both workers and those managing workers. It is also used within Rescue 3 Europe training courses.

This field guide is not a substitute for regular, relevant training by a qualified Rescue 3 instructor.