Beal Industrie Semi Static Rope 11mm x 100m Red / Blue

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Beal Industry ropes have been specially adapted to meet the requirements of companies working at height. With an 11mm diameter this rope is particularly when compared with other similar low stretch ropes. The Beal Industry 11mm is one of the most popular ropes in our range for working at height purposes.

The key features of the Beal Industry 11mm are summarised below:

Semi-static type A construction, for work at height Controlled descents with 11mm diameter Durable construction Specifications: Breaking load - 3000 daN(kg) Strength with figure 8 knot - 2100 daN(kg) Strength with sewn terminations - 2400 daN(kg) Impact Force - Factor 0,3 - 5.1 kN Weight per metre - 73g Number of factor 1 falls - 20 Sheath percentage - 36%

EN 1891 Type A