Rock Exotica RockO Orca

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The rockO is a blend of the traditional oval and the rockD giving it more strength than the standard oval. This design is great for users that need extra room at the bottom of the Karabiner while keeping gear aligned.

The ORCA is an enhanced 3-stage mechanism available on Pirate, rockD and rockO karabiners. This unique gate system lifts up and twists just like many traditional autolocks, but can be set to remain in the unlocked position. This allows the gate—whether you attach the ORCA karabiner immediately, or leave it installed in an anchor to connect a line later, to open easily, just like a non-locker. And when it closes, it closes and rotates shut with the safety and surety of a locking karabiner.

Available in standard and in black.

CE EN 362, EN 12275

Technical Notice (.pdf)

Declaration of Conformity (.pdf)