Butterfly Lift System - 60'

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How it Works

What does it do?

The Butterfly Lift is an intuitive manual counterweight flying system for human payloads up to 350 lbs or non-human payloads up to 500 lbs. in weight. With a Butterfly Lift you can:

    • Swiftly lower a payload line to a stage.

    • Attach a load or performer on the payload line.

    • Immediately unlock a pre-set counterweight and raise/lower the load or performer with minimal manual effort.

    • Smoothly fly the load or performer at variable speeds perfect for live performance. Max speed varies with operator technique and strength but speeds of 6 fps (feet per  second) to 8 fps are typical.

    • Land the load or dismount the performer from the apparatus while retaining control of the counterweight via a foot-operated locking  system.

  • Immediately retract the payload line from view.


The Butterfly Lift is adaptable to rig in nearly any location of sufficient height and suitable support structure to fly a performer. Careful consideration must be given to suitable anchors and rigging methods when installing the Butterfly Lift. Only individuals properly trained in theater or aerial rigging should perform this task.

Features & Benefits

    • Replaces more expensive and complicated motorized winches.

    • Provides engineered and tested safety that will be consistently applied to each performance despite the venue.

    • Base lock holds counter weight system when there is not performer and the system is unbalanced until the operator depresses the foot pedal releasing the locking mechanism.

    • All lift components (minus mounting board) fit within the case.

    • Durable case features wheels and handle for ease of transport and can be checked as luggage on flights.

    • 2:1 mechanical advantage.

    • Retractable payload line quickly raises and lowers apparatus independent of counterweight system.

  • A variety of weights can be used: standard theater weights, sand bags, or concrete bags.

What's Included

The Butterfly Lift consists of four main pieces: the case or ballast, head block, brake assembly and mounting board. All pieces, except the mounting board, fit within the Butterfly Lift case in precision-cut foam for efficient transport and storage. The Butterfly Lift is sold in configurations that bundle textile rope in various lengths.

Butterfly Lift User Manual (pdf)
Click Here for a full diagram of the Butterfly Lift:

Suitable for rigging height up to 60'

  • Replace operation line with 180' Weight: 22.5 lbs
  • Replace payload line with 180' Weight: 11.5 lbs