Butterfly Lift Arbor Counterweight Kit

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How it Works

The unique counter-weight arbor system contained within the Butterfly Lift case is fully adjustable to match the weight of the performer(s).  In additional to the offset provided by the counterweight, a 2:1 mechanical advantage is also achieved by the system. The combination of the counterweight and mechanical advantage amplifies the input force from the operator and reduces the effort required by the operator to fly a performer.

The adjustable arbor can accommodate traditional stage weights as well as improvised ballast such as concrete or sand bags.

The base lock assembly includes a bi-directional cam lock mechanism that releases the load when the operator depresses the foot pedal and locks the system when the pedal is released. This lock holds the overhead arbor when the performer dismounts the system and anytime the system is not in use.


The payload line is attached to the apparatus and is quickly deployable and retractable, independent of the position of the Butterfly Lift ballast. This allows the apparatus to be raised and lowered without having to move the full weight of the ballast during performance.

Custom sized sandbags fit the inside of the Butterfly lift case for ease of adjusting to the weight of the performer. Sandbags are made from heavy duty PVC material and close snugly at the top with a 1" strip of velcro. Each bag fills with approximately 18 lbs of sand to create a total possible arbor weight of 180 lbs.

  • 10 custom-sized sand bags in each kit